Threshold No.1
Eric K. Fong

Eric Fong’s sculptural Threshold Series (1999) alludes to spectral bodies, which (in the artist’s own words) are “entombed, truncated, and fragmented.” Over the past few years, Fong has explored issues concerning the human body in the context of current technological advances, with particular regard for the area of medical sciences. “My current works,” writes Fong, “attempt to connect the practice and methodology of medical science to an expanded field of cultural criticism and biomedical discourse.”

Threshold No.1, shows a backlit photographic image of a surgical wound on the artist’s body, embedded in a steel casing. “While signifying a history of trauma, the wound is in its early stages of healing. The work questions the notion of the body as an impenetrable fortress and the skin as a protective lining against invasion. The wound not only represents a site of trauma in the physical body, but also references the victimized, the traumatized, and the marginalized in the social body.” The photographic images of anatomical or surgical openings into the body emphasize the way in which the skin serves as a liminal space and a threshold of demarcation, permeability, violation, and regeneration.

Eric K. Fong is a practicing artist and physician. He was born in Hong Kong and received his university education in art and medicine in Canada. Fong participated in numerous exhibitions over the last two decades. His recent exhibitions include a solo show at Gallery 44-Centre for Contemporary Photography in Toronto and group exhibitions at Toronto Photographers Workshop (TPW), the Edmonton Art Gallery, and Latitude 53 Gallery (Edmonton). Fong’s current studio work includes photography, sculpture, and installations.