Myths about Beginnings/Ends
Jon Baturin


Myths about Beginnings/Ends, works addresses chaos, fear, and flesh. Baturin began this series of photo-based as a collaboration with Quebec artist Guy Frechette, who died of AIDS in 1996. Rejecting stereotypical notions of representation, he invited a number of friends and acquaintances to participate in the project. “All project participants made choices that represented their sense of self from my collection of medical imagery. The resulting combination of the portraits, figures, and medical imagery often results in very discomforting juxtapositions.” Provocation, in Baturin’s opinion, is one of the key roles of contemporary artists. In this work, Baturin intentionally uses medical imagery to reflect on the ability of scientific representation to deceive and corrupt as it enters territories of deep ethical concern




  “I use the body as a metaphor for systemic investigations. For investigation of systems of disorder. The most common way that I deal with that is in terms of dogmatic practices… While several metaphors exist, the work, at its most basic level, still speaks about the beauty and the fragility of the body. It also recognizes the inevitability of its failure. This allows us to get on with life-with all its joys and sorrows”.



Jon Baturin, a media artist and Associate Professor of Visual Art at York University, is currently on sabbatical working on new projects in Banff and Sydney, Australia. In the course of his work on several projects abroad, he collaborated with visual artists, social activists, poets, novelists, actors, and musicians from North America, England, China, Australia, Italy, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Baturin’s installations have been shown extensively both in Canada and abroad.